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Asus Padfone 2 test

Recently I was given an opportunity of testing Asus Padfone 2 and it was really a pleasure for me as a gadget lover to do this test. You can also read this post in Serbian language. I have divided the test in few sections. Padfone 2 design, look and feel Before I got Padfone 2, […]

WordPress inside Codeigniter

WordPress is great CMS but it has it’s limitations and it is not suitable for doing complex stuff, especially if you want your database to be clean. Wordpress is blogging platform, so it isn’t meant for big systems and I guess developers should keep this in mind when using it. On the other hand Codeigniter is […]

Landing page with WordPress

I was asked recently to do a landing page on a WordPress based website. I didn’t want to do some popup window that would show up when user enters website or set WordPress home page to static page. Instead, I wanted to do completely custom web page that has no connection to WordPress installation what so […]

Setup MS Visio in Linux with Wine and Play on Linux

I mostly use Ubuntu Linux, but I also need to use Microsoft Office Visio often, so I tried to install it through Wine, but I came across a bit of a problem. Program is actualy working as planned, except for one thing. All property boxes are shown as multiline inputs, so they began to overlap. […]

Responsive design

Since I caught a little time between my exams, and after reading several posts on this topic, I decided to sit down and try out things I was reading about. Result of “sitting down” is new theme to this blog, and as you can see it really is “responsive”. It is not masterpiece, and it’s […]

Page Comments – WordPress Plugin

This is my first WordPress plugin. It is not much of a programming skill. I was working on a website that required me to display comments from nearly 100 pages, so I wrote a script that is doing that, and I was executing it PHP Widgetify plugin. After I made sure it is working propperly […]